Fulfillment Services

Outsourcing makes sense

We offer a complete service for your order fulfillment: warehousing, fulfillment, picking & packing , accounting and back office for the USA and South America.

  • 12,000+ SKUs for more than 25 clients
  • 20% annual growth since the 2002
  • 17M sales turnaround in 2013, 21M in 2014
  • Over 30M sales capacity
  • Over 99.97 % order accuracy
  • 48 Hours shipping turnaround on order less than USD 5,000
  • 72 Hours shipping turnaround on all other orders
  • Real-time inventory and accounting accessible online

Retail Trading Partners (EDI)

We recognize that EDI is a critical aspect of modern business. Pick Pack Plus has been providing managed EDI services to our clients for over a decade, and has amassed a good expertise in the setup and execution of orders for these trading partners.

At the appropriate time they are released to the warehouse, and are picked, packed, and labeled according to the retailer’s routing guide specifications. Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN 856) documents are sent back to the retailer to advise of inbound deliveries.

Pick Pack Plus has years of EDI fulfillment experience with dozens of EDI trading partners.

Some of our clients